Oh goodness, a better question is what am I not excited for! I am so fortunate to continue my education at the one school I wanted to attend! I am so excited to get involved on campus in different organizations to meet new and different types of people. I am currently involved in the Presidents Leadership Class (PLC), the Sooner Yearbook as a volunteer photographer, and the RUF/NEK Lil’ Sis program, which is part of OU spirit. Being involved in the Global Engagement Fellowship allows me to be involved with the international groups on campus. This ┬áis group that I might not have interacted with much if I was not part of the GEF program and I am extremely thankful for the opportunities that GEF presents! I am mostly nervous that I will take on more than I can handle. Right now I’m sitting with four big things, but unfortunately I want to do more! The best advice that I received was to not over-commit and to remember that I am attending OU to get a degree to be a productive citizen. I think the best way to act on that advice is to not take on any other organizations right now, however I am afraid that because I didn’t do or apply to certain things as a freshman they would be harder to get as a sophomore. I want to be able to build a strong resume and I just do not know if what I am involved in currently will fulfill that.

Regardless of all my fears, I am so excited to see what the rest of the school year holds and figure out what to do in the future!